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Government and firms’ financing

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Does Canadian government make an excellent job of creating a good financial environment for firms? Mostly in terms of financing conditions and capital structure management in general?

Fanuc’s capital structure and d...

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Do you think the recent share price increase of Fanuc (Japanese robot-maker) is more explained by their general success or by their capital structure and dividend policy? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-27/fanuc-to-lift-dividend-buy-back-shares-after-loeb-pushes-change < Fanuc capital structure and dividend policy>

Capital structure stories from Bloomb...

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It seems like a new link for capital structure news from Bloomberg is this: http://www.bloomberg.com/topics/capital-structure < Capital structure stories from Bloomberg> Interesting staff as usual….

Entrepreneurial Finance


What does exactly “entrepreneurial finance” mean? Do you see any difference between entrepreneurial finance in US and Canada?

Financing for venture firms vs. tradi...


There are two types of entrepreneurial firms. One is venture firms that are high risk firms with new ideas. The second is entrepreneurial firms in traditional areas of business. What is the difference between them in terms of financing strategies (debt financing, equity financing etc.)?

Is crowdfunding important for entrepr...

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Crowdfunding is the practice of financing by raising contributions from a large number of investors, typically via the internet. Do you think, crowdfunding is an important tool for entrepreneurial firms?

How important is capital structure fo...

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Do you think that capital structure is important for small business?

Small business opportunities

Small business

Check out this interesting article about business and financing opportunities for small firms in Canada: Small business link

Capital structure news from Bloomberg

Capital structure news from Bloomberg

http://topics.bloomberg.com/capital-structure/ < Capital structure news from Bloomberg> Check this….

Pecking order

Pecking order

Firms do not offer shares to outsiders if they don’t have enough respect for them…:). Would you agree?!

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